Friday, December 30, 2011

The Famous Daily Launches

Last weekend, the Famous Daily ( launched.  The Famous Daily shows us what makes today special through highlighting important events that occurred on this date in history.

The information featured in the famous daily includes:

-Today's Famous Birthdays showing which famous person celebrates a birthday today
-Today's History which shows 5 key events from history that occurred on this date
-A Famous Quote that was said on this day in history
-Today's holiday and the location in the world it is celebrated
-Today's famous event in sports, entertainment, and geography

The Famous Daily is published on the web each morning.  Users can also sign up to get the Famous Daily via email each morning ( It is free to receive the Famous Daily through email each morning.

Each day - it is exciting to get an email showing what happened on this date in history.  And Famous Daily is here to make it easy for anyone to be informed either through email or on the web.