Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sydney and Max Blast Through The Past – An American History DVD series for kids.

The past generation had Schoolhouse Rock, this new generation can now learn from Sydney and Max.  “Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past” is a new DVD series that provides a fascinating study of American history through the eyes of teenagers. It is unlike any series ever produced because it is built around the idea of teens teaching teens; kids are loving it.

This series is designed for children ages 10 – 16 and is guaranteed to encourage critical thinking as viewers follow Sydney and Max’s investigation into America’s past.  The music, dialogue, and episode length were all specifically designed to hold the attention of today’s young people. The primary purpose is to present each short episode in a way that is entertaining and fast paced and will introduce kids to valuable historical information without them realizing that they are actually learning. The unique aspect of the series is that it educates kids by using an entertaining format. The Sydney and Max series does this by acting as a hook that raises the curiosity of kids so that they genuinely want to learn more about a specific historical event or time period.

The DVD consists of:
  • Fifteen episodes that each run approximately 8 minutes 
  • Open-ended discussion questions available for download from the disc

Special Bonus Offer
  •  Individual episodes can be purchased from the website  and downloaded immediately
Teachers have been thrilled by the response from their students and some parents have even purchased sets for their home.  Check out our website at: www.sydneyandmaxeducate.com