Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The GI Bill: A Curse or a Blessing?

My Grandfather, an 87 year old World War II Veteran has a heart of gold and mind as sharp as a World War II sniper. He's also got an opinion. He and I often debate sports, history and politics. I thoroughly enjoy his input and I cherish every moment of it. When he found out I was blogging about history, he wanted to add his two cents. He's earned it. He's part of "The Greatest Generation". He's put in his time. He's allowed to be crotchety. What would this world be without curmudgeons? And I mean this is in the best possible way.

Please find below his thoughts on the GI Bill, immigration and American laziness.

"I believe The GI Bill (Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944) was the best and worst thing in American history. Before WWII the USA was a country of family oriented God loving people. Who raised their families, feared God and worked hard; something that brought from the hamlets of Europe. Then came the Great War, and to thank them, the good men in Congress passed the GI BILL.

We were able to buy homes at 4% mortgages, go to college based on time served and of the 11 million, many of us jumped. We became educated and educated our children. Then our children started to ask questions. We never wanted that type of depression to affect our own, so we made a relief program.

This was fine if you were educated and lost your job temporarily. This relief came in the form of The 52 --20 club. You could get $ 20.00 for 52 weeks. Many of our “ethnic” took advantage of this. Get a job work for a couple of months. Get laid off and go on relief. With nothing to do they fostered children who followed their fathers. Not everyone did this but enough to cause a problem.

Then the educated ones found fault with Vietnam but having developed a liberal attitude they followed Kennedy and Johnson who escalated the WAR. Protests resulted following the feudal instincts of Europe and are still present in the near and far east. Ours was not as great. Just enough to break down what our ancestors had built up. However, this has started what happened to all great nations; Greed within.

The lackadaisical belief in GOD, THE BREAK DOWN OF FAMILIES. Greed sent our family overseas. We probably have more billionaires than millionaires, and we want more. I fear for my great grandchildren and I pray that GOD will return strong. This will keep our promised land. Unfortunately our existence is being questioned by people who want to change our basic principles and Congress is letting them do it. Take down those signs that show four languages, when you by many products only print instructions in English. Its fine to let people come here but they must speak English.

If you are going to help them, give them 52-20. ONCE. And they can’t bring their families until they themselves are established as tax paying CITIZENS.


GP = Grandpop

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Henry said...

Ah, sounds like my grandfather, in some respects. I liked the opinions voiced, and thank him for his service for me! Again, well written!

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