Friday, August 22, 2008

Links to History: Antiques Road Show Web Site

I receive great information via email and love to share them with you... this one comes from PBS. To keep the integrity of the message they'd like you to receive, I simply copied the email from them verbatim.

"As part of Antique Roadshow's 12th broadcast season on PBS, the popular series launched a newly re-designed Web site at with improved navigation, a first-of-its-kind searchable archive of appraisal videos from past seasons, a "you are there" video feature called "Your Stories," and a teachers' guide for using ROADSHOW in the classroom.

Additional information about the new features and organization of the site are included below.

The ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Archive currently offers streaming video, stills, transcripts, and more about appraisals featured in seasons 9 through 12—all presented in an easy-to-use format. Appraisals from earlier seasons will be added over the next eighteen months.
"Your Stories" recreates the excitement and anticipation of arriving at a ROADSHOW event, sharing family legends and antiquing sagas with other guests waiting on line. Now, ROADSHOW Online visitors are in on the conversation as cameras capture guests and their objects pre-appraisal.

The ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Teacher's Guide: ROADSHOW Online's first official foray into the realm of education, is designed to offer new ways to get students excited and engaged in history, geography, the arts and society, and a range of other topics, using the ROADSHOW Archive. Questions, activities, and other resources invite students to take a closer look at the objects people have used throughout history and to develop a sense of wonder about the people and events of the past, present, and even the future.

Visitors to the re-designed site find features, schedules, and information-packed articles organized into five sections:

The ROADSHOW Archive: This unique video archive allows collectors to search by item category (jewelry, furniture, glass, etc.), appraiser, assigned value, city where an item was filmed, or ROADSHOW season episode number. The record for each item includes a photo, the video of the object's appraisal, text transcript of the appraisal, lists of attributes for each object, and who appraised it in which show.

On Your TV: The TV schedule, links to cities visited on past tours, information about appraisers, host Mark L. Walberg, and our sponsors.

On the Road: The current appraisal tour schedule and links to apply for tickets, to tour city information pages, to the Summer Tour FAQ's and more.

Only Online: Hear more about extraordinary ROADSHOW finds in "Follow the Stories;" learn from our experts in "Tips of the Trade;" polish your antiquing lingo with our "Glossary," and watch the appraisal event action with "Your Stories."

Resources: Information about the experts and links to resources featured in ROADSHOW's "field trip" segments during visits to the six cities of the 2007 Summer Tour, recommended reading, and more.

And fans also can sign up to receive ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Fanfare, a monthly e-mail bulletin with timely updates about the television series and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Online."

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