Saturday, November 01, 2008

Election Day Lesson Plans

Still struggling with something to do for Monday before the election?
Check out some of these great resources:

The National Constitution Center
The National Constitution Center is proud to feature originally authored lesson plans by educators from across the country. (psst... I helped to edit/finalize one of them)

PBS - By the People
These lesson plans are organized by grade level and topic. All are designed to tie to state and national standards for civics, history, math, and language arts.

A Great Resource Page from PBS

Scholastic Election 2008 Lesson Plans

BrainPOP Election Activities
These are very informative, fun cartoons. Most of these are free, scroll to the bottom to see all the free short movies.

If you've found others (and I know there is plenty more...) Please share them. We may not be able to squeeze them in by Monday, but are still appropriate even after the election.

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