Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thinkin' You Know Lincoln? - Lincoln Lesson Plan Contest

abraham lincoln lesson plan contest primary source documentsIn honor of Lincoln's 200th Birthday on February 12th, the History Channel is sponsoring a Lincoln Lesson Plan Contest.

Teachers have until April 8, 2009 to submit a lesson plan to be judged on relevance to curriculum, clarity of expression, use of primary sources and innovative and/or multi-media strategies, and an explanation of the assessment method.

For more information about the Abraham Lincoln contest, click on the link below:

After clicking on the link, be sure to check out the teacher resources on the right side of the ensuing page. It's a collection of discussion questions and extension activities that go along with a video you can purchase from the History Channel, but in my experience, you can often find something similar for free in other places.

For more Abe Lincoln resources, check out some of the sources below:

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