Friday, March 27, 2009

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Past Times News; Reporting the Rare and Unusual Stories from America's Past

I don't remember how I stumbled across this, but I'm glad I did.

Past Times News is a newspaper written in today's vernacular about events that happened in the past. It's like a newspaper from the past being delivered today. Though for some reason they're not taking any new subscriptions. You can purchase from their archived collection.

The idea is simple. Take events of the past and write about them as if they just happened. This would be great if each issue concentrated on one particular era in history. For example a teacher could purchase the stories of 1776 and have the students report on them as if they were current events.

Each issue comes with a bibliography of their sources and a game in the form of a jumble. Click this link to see what each issue can offer:

Here's an excerpt from the article, How to Save Your Family from Imminent Disease and Death

Lethal bacteria spawning on your dish rag, vicious microbes wriggling in the water you gulp, ravenous tapeworm larvae nestling in your breakfast sausage––if only these microscopic monsters were visible to the naked eye, people would be far more careful about keeping their homes clean. Although we are living in the year 1913, years since Louis Pasteur first revealed the unseen organisms causing decay and disease, many people still don’t know the essential measures that need to be taken to protect themselves from such tiny terrors.

Based in Philadelphia, Past Times News seems like a great idea. Perhaps I'll try to contact them to see why they've stopped publishing new material. Maybe they need writers. Any takers?

Each issue is $5.95... not too much to pay for a few lessons, right?

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