Wednesday, April 29, 2009

President Barack Obama's First 100 Days

The following entry comes directly from a correspondence with the National Constitution Center.

The National Constitution Center has a variety of resources to help your students discover the origins of the 100 day administration marker, engage in a conversation on the president's job performance and get them thinking about the next steps they want the president to take.

Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt guided fifteen pieces of legislation through Congress in the first three months of his administration, expectations have risen for the first 100 days of every presidential administration. This milestone presents an excellent opportunity for your students to reflect on current events, the role and function of government and the president's performance—all of which will enable your students to build the habits of active citizenship.

The Center's Education Team has created a helpful activity during which your students complete a Progress Report for the president. This resource will get your students in the conversation about the president's performance and encourage them to critically think about his actions well after the first 100 days. Download the Presidential Progress Report here.

The Center also provides your students with the ability to contact the president directly, so they can send the president his progress report or give their opinions on the issues they feel are most important.

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