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Top Ten US History Inspired Halloween Costumes

The following comes from an email I received from my good friends at - Shmoop is an awesome site for teachers and students. It's history and literature lessons with a twist...

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This Halloween, scare up some fun with these US history and lit-inspired costumes

Ten US History-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1. Put on a three-corner hat and cape, pull a cardboard boat around your waist, and pose as George Washington crossing the Delaware during the American Revolution.

2. Dress up as Benjamin Franklin with a kite and singed hair. Be careful around the French maids.

3. Pretend to hitchhike as Christopher Columbus with a sign that says "India or bust."

4. Dress up like Abe Lincoln - with two tickets in his breast pocket.

5. Test people's knowledge of US history trivia by putting on a turn-of-the-century suit, carrying some bags of fake money, and painting your nose purple. Yes, JP Morgan really did have a purple nose.

6. Try a scandalous costume for a trio: Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy.

7. Wear a suit and a Richard Nixon mask. Carry a hollowed-out pumpkin filled with film. You're reenacting the "Pumpkin Papers," a famous Cold War incident in which future President Richard Nixon took down Soviet spy Alger Hiss.

8. Dress up as Betsy Ross with a half-finished American flag. Include a rainbow flag, a pirate flag, and yellow smiley face among your book of samples.

9. Sport your finest 1920s-style outfit, a plastic Tommy gun, a cigar, and your best Al Capone accent. Rave about the merits of the 18th Amendment and Prohibition.

10. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to flex those guns. Rosie the Riveter is one of the best "girl power" costumes in history. (World War II: Home Front)

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