Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Naughty & Nice: A History of The Holiday Season - BackStoryRadio.org

The American History Guys of BackStoryRadio.org make history accessible... they talk in common terms and interview pertinent guests that help bring out the story of their discussion.

This month's podcast discusses the history of Christmas in America. I've downloaded the podcast and have enjoyed the conversation. Here's the rundown of this episode:

The History Guys, examine the history of the “holiday season” in America. Is Christmas more less religious then it used to be? How has Christmas evolved or changed? Is it true that Hanukkah was born as a reaction to Christmas? And how have American Jews helped to shape the winter holiday?

The conversation is laid back, informative and perfect for that long drive to the in-laws on Christmas afternoon.

So go to BackStoryRadio.org and download the show for yourself.

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