Thursday, February 04, 2010

100 Incredible Lectures for History Lovers

Here's a great resource for teachers and students. Scrolling through the list you can probably find something for almost any topic in world history, government, economics, etc...

100 Lectures for History Lovers

I might suggest having some of your students listen to some of these lectures for extra credit and then report the highlights back to the class. You can show bits and pieces of the lectures in class, or for your tech-savvy students, perhaps they can edit the lectures to say something that wasn't really said... kind of a propaganda technique.

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Timothy R. Simonds said...

I recently created a new American History podcast. It focuses on constitutional liberties and governmental efforts to infringe on such liberties in our nation's past. The name of the podcast is "Enemy Of Liberty Podcast." You can download the podcast on iTunes or at my web-site ( I hope all of you have an opportunity to listen to my podcast and leave some comments. Thanks.

Jacob Foos said...

Thanks, I will share this with my American history meetup group, they will love it!

Isabelle said...

Thanks for the info and great ideas for how to use it. The information here is helpful for me to brush up on what I'm teaching. Of course, my students will jump at the opportunity to get extra credit. I look forward to sharing this post with my fellow social sciences teachers.

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