Tuesday, March 30, 2010

100 Online Documentaries for Presidential History

Once again, in an effort to create more back links to their site to increase page rankings in the search engines, the wonderful team at online universities dot com has put together a cool list for us history buffs.

This one, is a list of the documentaries that have focused on presidents and their administration. Our commanders-in-chief are often the subject of documentaries and films, and now you've got many of them all in one place.

Here's the link: 100 Excellent Online Documentaries for Presidential History Buffs

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Julie said...

Thank you for posting this list! I have a new website called American History Fun Facts, and I'm currently researching interesting topics for my website. I am planning on adding a "historical documents" section, and your links will provide some great places for my research! I have subscribed to your very interesting and informative blog. Thank you for providing such great information!

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