Monday, May 31, 2010

America: The Story of Us

With my busy life (redesigning/renovating our basement, and having a fantastic 10 month old son), I was finally able to catch up to my DVR and watch some of one episode of America: The Story of Us. 

The episode I caught was during World War II, and our jump into mass war production.  This was fitting considering it was Memorial Day weekend.  To say the least,  I was impressed.  It's a great perspective of the war that is often times overlooked.  It is not uncommon to find films of this nature caught up in the minutiae of war instead of the looking at the big picture.  I was impressed to the point where I'd like to pre-order the videos to add to my teaching library.   As a teacher, I know that kids would rather see the big picture so they can easily make connections to knowledge they already hold.

You can pre-order your copy today too at  America: The Story of Us (Three-Disc Set).  It's $40 bucks for 9 hours of video.   Or right from the source at

Below is a short preview of one of the many vignettes that 'America:...' offers.  You can view more at

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