Thursday, April 10, 2008

Survey Results: You Have a Time Machine. Who would you like to meet?

Teddy Roosevelt wins the first USHistorySite surveyThe results are in from the first USHistorySite Survey... after 50 votes, Teddy Roosevelt is our winner taking 44% of the vote.

You Have a Time Machine: Who Would You Like to Meet?
John Adams - 10% (5 votes)
Teddy Roosevelt - 44% (22 votes)
Abraham Lincoln15 - 30% (15 votes)
George Washington8 - 16% (8 votes)

It's not a surprise. Teddy Roosevelt is like able. He's a guy's guy. Of the 4 listed, he's probably the one I'd most like to have a beer with. Not that I wouldn't want to meet all of them, it's just that Teddy seems to be rowdy ol' chap, who could probably spin a good yarn, and put 'em down with the best of 'em.

Lincoln, and his self-deprecating stories, and his sense of humor, is something I'd enjoy too. But Lincoln, to me, is more of a guy who would have you over his house for dinner and then tell stories after retiring to the living room. That would be fun too.

Washington is still kind of enigma to me. I know that he liked to associate in high circles, and then he'd rarely if ever hang out with someone of a lower cloth. He was an American aristocrat. I wish I knew more about Washington. He'll probably be my next focus of study, as I've always felt that he wasn't much of a personality, but one who lead with his presence. I silent, thoughtful leader.

Adams is a hard worker. His Boston brethren, to this day, still follow him and his 'blue collar' work ethic. If you're on his good side, he's a great friend. He stands up for what he believes, but is a little awkward in social situations. He's known for being 'obnoxious and disliked'.

Congratulations to Teddy Roosevelt for being the first winner in the USHistorySite Survey. Thank you to all that participated.

The lines are now open for suggestions for the next survey.

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