Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who is the Best President since 1950?

I was in New Orleans for a few days on business. Learned a bit about the history of NOLA, did some work with Habitat for Humanity, putting on siding for Charles (the home owner) in the Upper 9th Ward (one of the most devestaded areas), spent some time at a conference, strolled Bourbon Street and bought a book about the Battle of New Orleans from a bookshop where William Faulkner used to live. A good week for site seeing, but a bad week for posts.

That said, I've added a new USHistorySite Survey...

The question is: Who is the Best President since 1950?

Harry Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton

You can find it in the margin on the right. I'll leave it up until I get 50 votes or more...

Let me know your comments after you vote? Why did you choose JFK? Tell me why you think Carter should have made the list. Is Bill Clinton deserving? The forum is now open...

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Jeremy Young said...

I voted for Kennedy, but you left out my second and third choices: Carter and LBJ. I might have voted for Carter had you included him, on the strength of his lonely and principled defense of human rights alone.

klkatz said...

thanks for voting jeremy... i didn't consider Lyndon "politics as usual" Johnson.

wondering about your thoughts on LBJ.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Clinton mainly by a process of elimination. I consider Reagan's conservative philosophy, which he was quite successful in furthering, as more harmful than beneficial. Perhaps if I knew more about Truman's presidency I would have voted for him. He probably can be credited with setting the proper conditions for containing the Soviet challenge. But on an emotional level, I find it hard to accept the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and I'm skeptical of the prevailing narrative that these acts were necessary to end the war with Japan. ~~Nate Levin

klkatz said...

great points Nate. thanks for voting. i find it interesting that clinton is leading the pack. i really thought I'd hear some guff for including him.

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