Sunday, August 02, 2009

Roll Call: Who's Reading this blog?

Because of my curiosity and my desire to continuously improve this blog and the sites that accompany it, I'm gathering information. Another call to arms so to speak.

Once again, I'd like my readers to check in - and tell me a little about themselves. When I first did this, about a year ago, I had about 50 RSS subscribers/readers. I now have over 200. I also have close to 30 blog followers and a dozen email subscribers. Thank you all for wanting to receive my information, it's a pleasure providing it.

What I'd like is for some of you to chime in and give all of our readers a quick note about yourself. As a guideline, maybe you can answer the following questions.

- age, occupation - or you can be anonymous
- how you heard about/stumbled upon USHistoryBlog
- what part of history is your favorite
- which features you like about this blog - what else you'd like to see
- and if you have a blog/site of your own, feel free to plug it... this is a community

Thanks in advance for your time. And thank you for reading...

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Ray said...

Sure, I'll chime in.

* Finalizing my undergrad history degree at University of South Carolina. I'm an older student and long-time history student. I am also in the midst of a career, so I am pursuing this out of my passion for the subject and not for financial gain.

* I think I found you through the Google Reader feed discovery, but honestly do not remember. Yours is one of 5 history blogs that I subscribe to.

* Ancient European/African, but I enjoy all types including US.

* You seem to cover topical subjects, which is nice for context. And you have good-sized articles that are enjoyable and easy to read. If I wished for anything, it would be for more updates.

* None yet. Maybe one day.

Rebecca said...

1. While I'm currently unemployed, I want to pursue a history related career, possibly teaching.

2. Heard about this site through searching Google for blogs about U.S. history

3. Love U.S. history the most.

4. I like the wide variety of topics

5. My blog My Adventures in History is how I share my passion for history by talking about places I've been, topics I'm learning about and much more.

ohnothimagain said...

I am a history major and working on my masters in education.
-I found this site randomly while looking for history blogs
-I love all of history, but US is my favorite

There was a point on your twitter when you were looking for somebody to write this day in history posts and I would be possibly interested

Jessica S. said...

-30 something, SAHM to four boys/ Army spouse, Homeschool teacher

- Came across blog looking for quotes during 4th of July

- American History-Biblical foundation.

- FB, this day in History, quotes, links, etc.

- A Mother of Action (my homeschool blog):
Thank you for your blog! :)

Michael Lynch said...

1. I'm twenty-nine and a college instructor in history.

2. I think I first found out about this blog from a link on a Civil War site's blogroll, but I can't recall which one.

3. I'm a Rev War nut, but any period of American history up through 1865 interests me.

4. I guess what I look forward to most in a history blog is a distinctive voice or approach, where the author's perspective and personality comes through in a unique way.

5. Finally, thanks for the opportunity to do some self-promotion! I've got an American history blog called Past in the Present (

Faye said...

Just finished my associates and now working on my bachelors at Colombia College of Missouri. 51-year-old digital graphics specialist by day, history student by night! I love everything history and am preparing to be a historical researcher and writer, focusing on the American South post-Civil War through the Civil Rights era. When I joined Twitter I searched for all tweeters involved with history. I love the blog. I don't have my own blog, but would love to. My best writing has been essays of the technical type. I'm not confident that I write creatively enough to interest blog followers.

DAG said...

I am an American History buff. I found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading it. Your blog has been added to my bookmarks. From past experience I came to the realization that subscribing to a blog made my email overwhelming. It is much easier for me to go through my bookmarks every few days check out my blogs and a read a few days entries. This might not work best for all but definitely it does for me.

Always on the lookout for American History Blogs I have come across some very interesting ones. I have learned more about events that I had already known and have been introduced to events that I was not aware of .
Living in the Boston area means I have great interest in the history of that area. The Boston1775 blog is treasure trove of information about Boston and the surrounding areas.

You have a interesting blog and I have enjoyed reading your entries.

Lesserbrain said...

Eli Lesser instructor and administrator at the University of Pennsylvania and somewhat blogger at:

Russ Lewis said...

I currently work for

I don't remember how I found your blog

I love all kinds of history.

I tweet out articles I find intersting or add content to our site. Twitter is worldhistory

My site is

Thanks for your articles.

Anonymous said...

1. Hi! My name is Norberto Barreto.
2. I am a historian teaching at a Catholic university in Lima, Peru.
3. My areas of research and teaching are US History in general, US Foreign Relations, and American Imperialism.
4. I found your blog searching Google for US History blogs.
5. I have my own blog (
promoting US History among Spanish speaking people.
6.I found your blog interesting and informative.

Tamahome Jenkins said...

Hi, I'm a fellow history blogger ( and I found your site through the Google Reader discovery. I love this blog, and actually have it on my site's blogroll.

Keep up the good work!

Mike B said...

Well, I goofed somewhere the first time I answered this, so will try again...
1. 60 yrs. Taught H.S. Social Studies for 30 Yrs., then moved to the District office - 2ndary Social Studies Coordinator
2. Was searching for history related blogs to link into my blog so our district SS teachers have resources.
3. In Am. History - the 1920s - 40s.
4. I enjoy reading history. This blog has a variety of topics and incorporates multimedia.
5. I have 2 - got bored when I was confined to a chair in December after being stupid when cutting a tree limb down: and Thanks for the opportunity to advertise.
You do a great job - keep it up.

klkatz said...
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Bill Thayer said...

I'll bite, too. (Not very hard.) Retired, and long interested in history, mostly ancient, I was happily running a large website on ancient Rome and central Italy, when September 11th woke me up to the history of my own country. I now run a large and expanding website on American History, almost entirely transcriptions for the moment — although most items not available elsewhere online, and two of them never before published anywhere that I know.

To me the best part of your blog is something very nice, indeed: it is free of the rabid polarizing stuff which there's so much of out there. Whether from the right, or the left of the political spectrum, I don't care, it all turns my stomach, and most of it is very dishonest as well. At any rate, you prove that we can have our opinions and be civil to each other, and honest, and make sense.... How good it would be for our country move back to an Era of Good Feeling!

Tamahome Jenkins said...

From wikipedia on The Era of Good Feelings - "The political bitterness declined because the Federalists had largely dissolved and were no longer attacking the president, then causing an era of good feeling because there was only one political party. The nation was politically united behind the Democratic-Republican Party."

Oh, how great would that be! And people are so concerned about a one-party state ^_-

Mark Pecot said...


Well...the Era of Good Feelings is somewhat of a misnomer. While the Federalist Party disintegrated into a purely regional party based in New England and ceased to be of national importance, the Democratic-Republican Party was hardly a unified front. It consisted largely of conflicting sectional interests and was punctuated by intense political fights over the admission of new states and the future of slavery; banking institutions; federal funding for infrastructure improvements; and the classic divide between those favoring a more vigorous national gov't and those favoring more local control. The "Era" itself was proclaimed in 1820, but by 1824 the nation would be ripped apart by a controversial election in which the popular vote winner (Jackson) lost in an election decided by the House of Representatives to John Quincy Adams. Adams' presidency never got out from under the shadow, and it launched the formation of the Jacksonian Democrats. So much for one party harmony!

The Wandering Author said...

I've been a letterpress printer, professional genealogist, worked on the fringes of social media, and am - above all - a writer.

I found you through a mention in the NEHGS newsletter.

Two things draw me to history. First, it is one long succession of stories - the story of the past. Second, just as we learn by experience as individuals, so history is the stored experience of the human race.

I'm too new here to say what I like best yet, but I'd enjoy seeing an emphasis on the stories history tells, and on the lessons we can learn from it. I suspect the answer above made that obvious, anyway. :-)

I enjoyed the explanation of Teddy Roosevelt's way of reconciling his concern for animals and his love of hunting. A seeming contradiction, and yet it makes sense once you understand it. And it was interesting to see he anticipated the need for "open space" long before most of mankind figured it out.

Jose.Garcia said...


-Jose Garcia, 17 years old, AP US History Alumni (I got a 4 on the exam, bummer =/ )
I am deeply interested in American History- so beautifully flawed. I LOVE IT
My favorite history chapter, I love social movements. I believe, strongly, that they are the backbone of society as a whole.
-I am looking into the Harlem Renaissance, I love Emma Goldman and the Progressive Era, as well as Howard Zinn's commentary on all of history. It is to hard to pick one category, The Cold War is a great one as well.

-I plan on studying American History in College, which I am super stoked for. I may study abroad at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Although my dream would be Berkeley!

-I love this site, though I am barely a one-day follower, I believe this site is adequately structured, Good Job.

-I would like to see, a student link, or any other social site where students can just chat, discuss history. I am sure there is one, most likely, which I have not discovered through this site.



Tamahome Jenkins said...

It's nice to hear from a teenager whose got a good head on their shoulders! You seem to have a lot of insight for your years that many people never possess. Don't feel bad about those AP tests; I got a 4 when I took it 10 years ago and still got college credit. Good luck in all your endeavors!

Julie said...

- Age - 49 - Occupation Website owner, blogger and caregiver to elderly parents
- I found you through a Google search for American history blogs. You were right there near the top of the first page - Congratulations!
- The revolutionary period
- I love the links and information you provide.
- I own American History Fun Facts - - a new website that features American history trivia, videos, quotes and more. I am constantly updating my website and building new sections. I can see that your website will be very helpful in my research, and I look forward to following you!

Julie said...

I forgot to mention something in my last post. I tried to go to your blog through your Twitter homepage, and noticed that the link is not working. You might want to check it out. I don't know if it was a problem on my end or yours. I couldn't find an e-mail address or contact page for you, so I am posting this as a comment instead.

The Pagan Temple said...

Just discovered this blog by way of Blog4History, which I found on the Google blog finder. I like all kinds of history, but especially American, Russian, Romanian, Roman and ancient history in general. Looking to expand my historical horizons, so to speak. Looking forward to delving deeper into your site as time allows.

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