Thursday, September 09, 2010

A New Blog... with a broader view...

So I've had this blog ( for some time. I love US History and I love finding resources to help teach US History. The site has been good to me. I've made some online acquaintances, it's given me an outlet for some of my thoughts, and I get lots of free stuff from it. The problem is, that I currently don't teach US History. I used to teach it... Now I teach World History... and I've really learned to love the culture and discovery of World History. And I don't foresee a change in that regard anytime soon. So I'm transitioning to a new outlet with a new blog.

I'll still keep up and running, and update periodically, but this new blog will allow me to share things I'm actually doing in class and learning on my own.

Thanks for hopping over... I hope you like this as much as you've enjoyed

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4 comments: said...

Are you preparing for the Second American Civil War?

I believe it will start when Amnesty for illegals is forced on American citizens against their will, just like Obamacare was. Seriously! No mater what side you are on! You can't be dumb enough to NOT realise the fuse is already lit!

Anonymous said...

Hi there – and hope this note finds you well! I wanted to tell you about Mission US, an exciting new and completely free technology-based initiative. This fall, teens and tweens across the country are experiencing American history as never before with the launch of Mission US, a groundbreaking online game that invites them to become "players" during pivotal eras in the nation's past. The first engaging and entertaining mission is "For Crown or Colony?," which focuses on events leading up to the American Revolution. (You can check it out at Please feel free to share the details with any educators you feel might find the program useful as well - we’d love to let them know that this resource is out there.

Anonymous said...

This is a great site and I am glad I came across it

Keith Pollanen

Turbine said...

If you've ever wondered what it was
like to strap on a six-gun, walk out on to
a dusty street in Tombstone, Dodge City
or other notorious Western frontier town
and have a face-off-in-the-street gunfight
where only the fastest gunslinger walks
away? Then
long forgotten memoir by
one of the Old West's most feared
(but virtually unknown today) gunfighters
and lawmen immerses you in what it was
like to live and die in the real Wild West.

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