Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Civil War - A Concise History - Book Review

With the 150th anniversary of the Civil War fast approaching, it is probably time you brushed up on your Civil War history.  If you're in need of a refresher on the topic or have never ventured into the Civil War era, The Civil War: A Concise History is a great place to start.

Author Louis P. Masur begins with the causes of the conflict and continues year by year covering major political, social events of the time.  Not to mention the military events, battles and important characters of the war.

The book focuses on two main themes:

How the war changed from an effort to restore Union towards an all-out war that would change the fundamental existence of the Southern society.  And how the war changed to become a battle to abolish slavery.

Masur continues in the aftermath of the war, including post-war policy and reconstruction.   It's a good introduction into this very complicated era of American history.

The Civil War: A Concise History is a readable, palatable introductory overview of the different causes, major events and some new stories that have created the Civil War.

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